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5 Fun Ideas for Creating for a Camping Themed Classroom

Does your classroom have a theme? Having a themed classroom is fun for the students and a great way to build community. Choosing a theme is a great way to put your personality into your classroom. It provides an inviting atmosphere that makes kids feel excited to learn. One of my favorite choices is a camping themed classroom.


1. Nature is Calming

Nature is all around us. Even if you live in a large city, there is nature all around you. I love to be outdoors because it is very soothing.

Set a calm tone for your classroom with this adorable camping themed decor you and your students will love.

Maybe you’re like me, and you love to feel the sun’s rays warm your skin. Many people enjoy the sound of birds chirping on a beautiful spring day. If you live near water, you can listen to the waves crash, the river bubble, or the raindrops plop onto the lake.

If you can’t be outside, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine one of those scenes. Do you feel calm? I do!

Now imagine a calm classroom. That’s a beautiful image, isn’t it? Bring these calming feelings into your classroom through a camping themed classroom calendar set, bulletin boards, alphabet posters, and schedule cards.

2. Tents!

Tents are an awesome addition to your camping themed classroom decor. They offer a special nook for reading or relaxing for your students.

There is something magical about a tent. Tents can provide a cozy place to relax, a fun place to gather with friends, or a safe place to be alone for a few minutes.

You can incorporate one tent or several into your camping themed classroom! One of my favorite ways to use a tent is in the classroom library. Let students take turns reading inside the tent. You can use the tent by itself or add some camping themed pillows, a sleeping bag, and accessories.

You can also use your tent for special occasions. If someone has a birthday, they can use the tent for the day. Do you do a student of the week? Let that student reside in the tent. Or use the tent as a classroom reward. Students will love the chance to use it!

3. Color Theory

Have you ever heard of color theory? Researchers suggest that color influences emotion. Over time, our brains develop a preference for colors, based on individual experiences. Studies show that colors are linked to emotions.

A camping themed classroom incorporates colors that produce positive feelings.

Blue evokes feelings of comfort, efficiency, intelligence, logic, and success.

Green is linked to feelings of comfort, harmony, health, hope, peace, and security.

Brown tends to create feelings of efficiency, power, and security.

A camping themed classroom is visually pleasing to the eye, and the colors it uses create feelings of security, peace, and success.

4. Classroom Management

A camping themed classroom gives you multiple opportunities to connect your classroom environment with your classroom management.

These behavior charts encourage students to be on their best behavior in a fun way! They promote a positive classroom community with the heading, “Camp Champs.” Students are encouraged to “light the way,” “stay on the right path,” and “pitch in.” Imagine the lessons you can teach when introducing these signs – similes, metaphors, idioms, and more!

Assign table names or groups using woodland animals that your students will love.

Have some fun as you name your teaching blocks with camping themed names like Camp Read-a-Lot or Wilderness Writer’s Workshop. With a little creativity, you can have so much fun incorporating a camping theme into all areas of your classroom.

5. Fun and Engaging Lessons

Why stop with classroom management? Incorporating a camping theme into your lessons and activities is fun and easy to do. A classroom campfire makes the perfect spot for morning meeting, show and tell, or to have students share their writing after writer’s workshop.

The camping theme can be easily connected to science lessons as you learn about animals, rocks and the rock cycle, weather, and more.

Incorporate animals from your camping themed classroom decor into your science lessons for fun and easy connections your students will love.

When you already have images of animals as part of your classroom decor, you will be able to easily use them in your science and nature units.

Students can identify and classify the types of animals that live in nature. They can learn about the characteristics and adaptations of animals like bears, owls, and deer.

You can also incorporate a variety of writing styles through camping themed writing prompts like “My Camping Adventure” (creative writing or personal narrative), “How to Set Up a Tent” (how to writing), “The Best Place to Camp” (opinion or persuasive writing), or complete an animal research project.

Finally, fill your classroom library with books about camping and nature. There are also lots of great camping picture books and novels that you can use for read alouds or book studies.

Are you Ready for Your Own Camping Themed Classroom?

No need to spend hours searching for camping themed decor for your classroom. Create a camping themed classroom easily with this Camping Themed Classroom Decor Bundle! This bundle has everything you need and is editable so that you can easily customize it to meet your needs.

Could you use some more classroom decor tips? I’ve got a whole post that will help you take your classroom from blah to awesome.

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