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10 Advantages of Having an Amazing Teacher BFF

Every teacher needs someone at work to be their “person”- their Teacher BFF. Whether you have been teaching for 15 minutes or 15 years, you need that person who will always have your back. I couldn’t have made it through some of those school years without my amazing teacher friends. Why do you need that teacher BFF? We found 10 advantages of having a teacher BFF.

1. Your Teacher BFF Makes You More Productive

It’s proven that people do better at work when they have a friend at work! So obviously, that’s the first advantage of having an amazing teacher BFF. You will both feed off of each other, and you’ll grow as better teachers together.

Having a teacher bestie is great when you need to vent about something going on at school. You won't have to worry about them "not getting it" because they are a teacher too.

Maybe your friend keeps you organized with checklists, or they text you to remind you of upcoming events. Maybe your BFF collaborates with you on lesson plans, field trip plans, or parent conferences. We all need someone to collaborate with and share the workload.

Your teacher BFF also encourages you not to work too much, because teacher burnout is a real thing. They remind you that the work can wait and that tomorrow is another day.

2. They Let You Vent

Everyone needs someone to vent to! Whether it’s the new paperwork you have to fill out, a change to a new online system, or an overbearing parent, you will feel better after getting the frustration off of your chest. Once it is out you are less likely to stew about it inside.

It’s never a good idea to share your horrible day on Facebook. Instead, you can vent to your BFF. Your BFF will listen to you cry about the copier that always jams when you need it, how hard it is to pay bills with a teacher’s salary, and the lack of funding for schools. You can be honest and open, and they are always there to listen, empathize, and offer insight into any situation.

3. They Listen… and Help You Reason

All teachers need someone to be the voice of reason. Imagine that you were scolded by your principal, a student said something hurtful to you, or you got a rude message from a parent. Your emotions are on high alert, and you are ready to fight back and defend yourself.

However, your teacher BFF is there to stop you from saying something you shouldn’t. They listen to you and help you think through the way to resolve a situation. They are there to make you feel better when you’ve had a bad day.

4. Someone to Share With!

Teachers always need resources, but when they go to the supply closet, it’s often bare.

Sharing is caring and that's also true in the teacher world. Your teacher BFF can be an awesome resource when it comes to sharing and borrowing resources throughout the school year.

Being a teacher is expensive. However, when you have a teacher BFF, you can combine your resources and supplies. Between the two of you, you usually have everything you need. One of you will have the sticky notes, the glue sticks, or the markers. You can run into your BFF’s classroom and ask to borrow anything. In fact, you probably know where everything is anyway.

My teacher BFF had a mini-fridge in her room, so I kept my lunch in there. She kept it stocked with Diet Coke. If I had a bad day, I could always count on her to have my favorite soda! I never had to ask for one either. If you don’t have the materials you need, you can share them. Maybe you’re teaching a new unit, but neither of you has what you need. You can split the cost and get everything you need, thanks to your BFF.

5. Bring on the Support!

This should really be at the top of the list. When I was going through National Boards, nobody encouraged me more than my teacher friends.

Whether it was bringing me just one more Diet Coke, or helping critique my videos and work, they made that process truly a team effort.

Maybe your student data isn’t what it should be, or your evaluation didn’t go as planned. Your Teacher BFF is there to support you with kindness and compassion! They will help you get to where you want to be.

6. Teamwork = Dream Work.

Teamwork makes the dream work. When your principal tells you you’re moving classrooms 1 week before school starts your teacher friends step right up. They come in ready and prepared to help get it done!

When you have bus duty first thing in the morning, and you have a crazy morning at home – they come to your rescue and show up. We all know how hard it is to plan events – field trips, awards ceremonies, all the things. Your teacher BFF is going to be right there with you to truly make everything a team effort.

7. Your Teacher BFF Celebrates With You and Cries With You Too.

Your teacher BFF celebrates with you and cries with you! Every teacher has successes and failures. Teacher BFFs celebrate your success with you, and they celebrate you! They will encourage you and cheer you on no matter what.

They will also cry with you and share your sadness when something didn’t work out as you planned. There will be ups and downs in your teacher career and having someone there along the ride makes it all the easier.

8. “Is This a Good Idea?”

We all need a place to brainstorm ideas. So many great lessons and activities stem from a brainstorming session. But, it probably won’t surprise you to know that the first idea isn’t usually the best. Your teacher BFF provides a safe place to share thoughts and ideas.

When we get excited about something we often tend to get tunnel vision. We need that teacher friend to step in and say things like “maybe a high-maintenance class pet isn’t the best idea.”

9. You Can Communicate Without Words.

Consider yourself a lucky person if you have a teacher BFF that understands you, no matter what. Teacher BFFs often communicate through facial expressions and body language. A lot of BFFs just have “that look,” and can communicate instantly with that.

10. You Always Know What’s Happening in the School.

Is the teacher’s restroom out of toilet paper again? Is the superintendent in the building? Did someone bring treats and leave them in the teacher’s lounge? You can bet that if your BFF knows, you will know, too.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us can’t imagine how we could make it through a year of teaching without our teacher BFF. Grab an extra Starbucks on your way to school tomorrow and thank your teacher BFF for being awesome.

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