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10 Inspiring Picture Books About Inventors Your Class Will Love

Sharing picture books about inventors is a great way to provide elementary kids with real-life examples of perseverance and creative problem-solving. By immersing students in imaginative stories about inventors, we can ignite their passion for creating and problem-solving. Let’s explore what I consider some of the best books on inventions

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How To Use Haiku Activities To Boost Student Creativity

Haiku Activities are the perfect addition to your Spring Lesson Plans as April is National Poetry Month! It is so important to introduce students to different forms of poetry! My favorite? Haiku! Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that has been around for centuries and has a unique

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8 More Things Gifted Students Wish You Knew- Part 2

As educators, we often assume that gifted students will excel on their own without requiring much support from us. However, it’s important to remember that gifted learners have unique needs that may not be immediately apparent. In my last blog post, I shared what gifted students wish their teachers knew

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8 Surprising Things Gifted Students Wish You Knew- Part 1

When teachers have gifted students in their class, they often breathe a sigh of relief. “Whew, I don’t have to worry about that student!” they might think to themselves. And while gifted learners do have special talents and abilities that set them apart from others, they have needs you might

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Differentiate math instruction with low floor high ceiling math tasks your students will love.

How to Use Low Floor High Ceiling Math Tasks

All classroom math teachers struggle with the same issue- “How do I reach my struggling students and push my high-achieving students at the same time?” If you understand this struggle, let me share a concept that will help you- Low Floor High Ceiling Math Tasks! This type of math task

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Use these fun logic activities to help your students develop reasoning and deduction skills that are going to benefit them throughout their lives.

Fun Logic Activities for Kids

Do you use logic games to grow critical thinking in your classroom? Not only are logic games great for expanding thinking and reasoning skills, but they are lots of fun! Adding some logic games and activities to your lessons is the perfect way to up student engagement and challenge your

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Take advantage of unused learning time by creating challenging and fun early finisher activities for your students.

3 Great Early Finisher Activities Besides Reading A Book

“I’m done! Now what?” These are dreaded words every teacher has heard more than a time or two! Creating lessons that will serve a diverse group of students, often means you will have children finishing their activities at varied times. Some of your students might need the whole time block

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Adding rigor to your phonics instruction is easy with these helpful tips and tricks you and your students will love.

4 Ways To Easily Add Rigor to Your Phonics Instruction

Phonics is a keystone component of the primary classroom. So much of the daily rhythm in the classroom revolves around strengthening phonics skills and continuing to grow in phonemic awareness. But how do you keep it interesting? How do you continue to challenge those minds and maintain active learning when

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