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6 Inspiring Podcasts for Educators to Motivate and Empower

The summer is when we teachers think about professional development and frantically searching for fresh, novel ideas to ramp up our teaching. One of the best ways to grow as a professional and set an example for our students is by learning from podcasts for educators. I love listening to podcasts as a way to learn and grow as an educator. There are so many great topics to choose from. As teachers we expect our students to continue learning, and learning is for a lifetime. So, let’s get right to it!


What is a Podcast?

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering okay so what exactly is a podcast? Professional development is great, but how do podcasts play a role? Podcasts for educators are not only good entertainment but also a great education. You can discover topics related to lesson planning, professional development, classroom management, STEM, subject integration, and even self-care for both your physical and mental well-being. Without having to actually watch, you can tune in to listen to your favorite podcast, even as a busy educator on the go!  My favorite times are when I am driving and soaking in the bathtub.


Why You Should be Listening?

A tremendous advantage to podcasts for educators is the flexibility that they offer! You can tune in to your favorite podcast 24 hours a day. This is perfect for a busy teaching schedule. They are portable and convenient to download to a mobile device, which means they go where you go. Pretty cool, right?! Listening to your favorite podcast takes minimal effort and time on your part. Imagine being able to access them while driving to school, cooking dinner, doing mindless chores, in a waiting room, and even while you take a bath!


My Favorite Podcasts for Educators

I want to share with you, some of my favorite podcasts for educators that I believe will educate, challenge and inspire you to be the best teacher and version of yourself.

podcasts for educators: MindMatters

Mind Matters Podcast by Emily Kircher-Morris

This podcast about gifted children and adults, intelligence, twice-exceptional people, a general interest in psychology, and other “mind matters”. It features discussions with many of the leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond! There is a blog that features deeper dives into the podcast episodes, as well as their thoughts on related topics within the areas of education, mental health, and parenting. It also incorporates counseling techniques and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.

podcasts for educators: The Cult of Pedagogy

The Cult of Pedagogy

If it has something to do with teaching – you will find it here. Strategies, classroom management, education reform, and educational technology to name a few. Interviews included are with educators, students, administrators, and parents with tips that you won’t find in a textbook. Additionally, she offers advice on ways to make your teaching more effective and more fun. So much jam-packed information waiting for you!

Beginning Teacher Talk with Dr. Lori Friesen

This is a weekly podcast where there is talk about all of the “stuff” you wish you had learned in college about teaching elementary school. Features include ideas and topics that have been classroom-tested and actually work! This includes amazing classroom management techniques, organizational tips and strategies, creative ways to motivate your students, how to work with colleagues successfully, seasonal gems, and how to de-stress and eliminate the overwhelm that too often accompanies your daily teaching.

podcasts for educators: Educators 2 Educators

Educators 2 Educators

The mission of this podcast is to shine a light on incredible teaching and learning, as well as providing relevant and digestible professional development for educators. A guest educator is featured in each podcast with discussions about transforming teaching and learning. Each of the podcasts provides concepts you can take to your classroom to create an innovative and engaging environment for students. Reignite your passion for teaching through a focus on mental health and professional development. Mental health is so important during this strange season we’re all facing.

podcasts for educators: Teach 4 the Heart

Teach 4 the Heart with Linda Kardamis

This podcast is designed to give you ideas and inspiration that you may need to overcome your teaching challenges and make a lasting difference in your students’ hearts and lives. This is designed for Christian teachers in both public and private sectors, with an emphasis on presenting each discussion from a Biblical perspective. You will find classroom management, work, and life balance, encouragement, teaching tips, and growing your impact. Above all, these podcasts are provided to help you rely more on God and see Him work in your classroom. Only by His grace can we be a bright light, impacting hearts as well as challenging minds.

podcasts for educators: The TeachThought Podcast

The TeachThought Podcast

This podcast delivers thoughtful conversations and ideas to help educators think about their craft and better prepare learners for the modern world. It provides an insightful exploration of how teaching and learning are changing in a connected world, from the rise of project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and personalized learning experiences to modern knowledge demands. It also addresses the emerging technologies and tools that characterize 21st-century learning.

Some other great podcasts for educators to check out

I hope I left you with a new world of information just waiting at your fingertips! Check out the free links and get to listening to these podcasts for educators!

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