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2nd Grade Math Game Show Bundle – Math Review for the Year

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Ditch the worksheets and make math review fun and engaging! This bundle contains 10 of my popular math PowerPoint Game Shows for 2nd grade. They are great to use as a formative assessment at the beginning or end of the year, for test prep and pre and post-assessment. These game shows can be used with your whole class, in small groups, or in a center. This is a growing bundle and more games will be added.

Each game show has sound effects, animations, and a self-scoring scoreboard. Best of all the questions and categories are EDITABLE, so you can create your own questions and use them for any subject!

Here’s what The Imaginative Teacher had to say about these games:

Oh my goodness! My class LOVED these games and were begging to play another one. I haven’t seen them so focused in a long time! Splitting my class into four teams, at first the usual suspects were the loudest but soon with some encouragement, even the shyest of students were contributing. After a round I’d stop and congratulate particular students on what was working well and how I could see discussions happening and it really helped everyone else to focus. The highlight was when one of my normally quiet students provided a correct answer and the rest of the class erupted with genuine cheers, applause and back pats. The second game a few days later went even better. Can’twait to play again. Truly an awesome set!!! Thank you too for the editable options. Brilliant! – The Imaginative Teacher

PLEASE NOTE: This game only works on PowerPoint. It will not work correctly in Google Slides™. These games can be used with PowerPoint versions 2007 and later, AND Macintosh PowerPoint 2013! This game uses Macros. You will have to enable Macros on your PowerPoint program in order for the automatic scoring to work. I have included instructions on how to enable Macros and how to play the game in a PDF file included in the download. Be sure to read them, and if you are having any difficulty, just email me and I will help you out!

Want to download a demo version of my PowerPoint games? CLICK HERE!.


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