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4 Ways To Help Students Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes. We ALL make them. And yet, many of us can’t help but feel bad when they occur. This is also true for our students. There is a negative stigma around mistakes that students often tie to their own measure of success. Helping students accept mistakes and learn from them

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Teaching Perseverance in the Classroom – YES You Can!

The world today is one of instant gratification. The saying what gets rewarded gets repeated is so true, especially for kids. If you reward mediocre performance and effort in your classroom, that is what you will always get. Instead, teach your students the power of perseverance! Teaching perseverance may sound

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Creating a classroom newsletter is easy with these 5 easy tips you can start using today.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Classroom Newsletter

Do you have a classroom newsletter? It’s a great way to communicate with parents and family members. You can use your newsletter to share news with families, highlight student accomplishments, and share ways that parents can help their children at home. Here are 5 simple ways to improve your classroom

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Building a strong classroom community is essential to the success of your school year. Use these 12 tips to build a strong classroom community this year.

12 Ways to Build a Strong Classroom Community

It’s almost time for the new school year to begin! You want a beautiful classroom, but more importantly, you want to build a strong classroom community. You’ve spent hours putting up cute bulletin boards, making student name tags, and labeling everything. Your room is bright and happy, and your students

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Books like these are a great way to introduce your students to the idea of having a growth mindset and how it can effect their entire lives.

5 Ways to Promote a Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

A growth mindset is an integral part of many classrooms. It’s crucial for teachers to understand it and know how to promote it. A growth mindset focuses on helping students think in new and positive ways. They will understand the importance of delivering their best efforts. Students will learn new

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Teach students how to work through struggle and frustration to get the most out of learning.

4 Ways to Harness the Power of Productive Struggle

Have you ever thought about the fact that the skills that are the hardest for you to learn are often the ones you remember best? That is not a coincidence. That’s a result of productive struggle. As teachers, this is what we should want for our students. Not to challenge

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Use these 5 tips to quickly and easily establish a classroom morning routine with your students this year.

5 Tips for Establishing a Solid Morning Classroom Routine

Establishing a solid morning classroom routine sets the tone for your day. When routines and procedures are carefully planned, taught, and modeled, students know what is expected of them. Begin a new school year with a plan. In the book, The First Days of School, Harry Wong says, “Student achievement

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Create a fun and engaging jungle themed classroom with this easy to use set which includes everything you need to set up an exciting classroom.

7 Reasons to Create a Fun Jungle Themed Classroom

One of my favorite things about having my own classroom is getting to decorate! There is just something exciting about a color-coordinated, organized, themed classroom. Students love it because your classroom is inviting and fun! Let’s take a walk on the wild side to learn 7 reasons to create a

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Having a teacher BFF can make your school life so much easier! Here are 10 reasons why having a teacher bestie is going to make your school year year amazing!

10 Advantages of Having an Amazing Teacher BFF

Every teacher needs someone at work to be their “person”- their Teacher BFF. Whether you have been teaching for 15 minutes or 15 years, you need that person who will always have your back. I couldn’t have made it through some of those school years without my amazing teacher friends.

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Use these 10 fun and creative ways to use a word wall in your classroom to keep your students engaged and excited to practice targeted words.

Creative Ways to Use Word Walls in Your Classroom

Word walls are collections of words that are displayed in classrooms. They are designed to be interactive tools that students can reference during reading and writing. Word walls help students see the patterns and relationships among words. They also provide a great teaching opportunity. After all, if we don’t use

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Help your students learn fun and exciting synonyms for the word said with these engaging activities they will love.

Teaching Synonyms for Said: A Said is Dead Alternative

Sometimes teaching dialogue in writing can feel like you’re banging your head against a wall. You’ve done all the things. You’ve modeled good examples, practiced, and repeated the steps over and over. BUT…your students writing still isn’t where you would like it to be. Especially with their word usage. They

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