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Use these three creative ways to teach poetry to get your students excited and engaged in reading and writing poetry.

3 Creative Ways for Teaching Poetry

Did you know April is National Poetry Month? So, if you haven’t tackled teaching poetry in your classroom yet, this is a perfect time! Here are 3 creative ways for teaching poetry that your students will love! Want to teach poetry to your students but not sure where to start?

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Your students will love these fun and engaging April Activities for the elementary classroom.

April Activities Your Students Will Love

April is such an exciting month. Spring is finally here and the weather is beginning to change. There are so many exciting things going on this month. I love to bring all the fun of April and spring into the classroom. Spring is such a great opportunity to learn in

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Your students will love all of these fun and engaging ways to learn about money.

Fun & Engaging Ways to Teach Money

Teaching kids all about money can be tons of fun! There are so many exciting hands-on activities that you can utilize to get your students interested in learning about money. I love teaching money because it is one of those life skills that translate over into the real world so

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Help your students understand the importance of making mistakes with a clever book and literature guide they will love. This makes teaching mistakes so easy!

Teaching Mistakes and Why They Are Important

Mistakes are a part of life. The earlier we accept them and learn how to best use them, the better. The overall goal is to learn from our mistakes and do better the next time. However, perfectionism is a real problem in today’s society. Everything always needs to look and

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Fun activities for St. Patrick's Day can include a little learning along with the fun of the holiday. Here are 5 fun and engaging activities for St. Patrick's Day your students will love!

10 Engaging Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Help your students feel the Luck of the Irish with fun and engaging activities for St. Patrick’s Day! From writing to math to reading, you will have all of your bases covered! Your students will enjoy switching up the normal routine as they complete these activities for St. Patrick’s Day.

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These books are the perfect companion for your empathy lessons this year. With worksheets and activities your students will love, your empathy unit will be fun and engaging for everyone.

Teaching Empathy: 3 Books Your Students Will Love

SEL, the acronym for Social Emotional Learning that all educators are hearing at every turn. You know it is important. You agree that it should be addressed. But how is it possible for you to add one more thing to your already overflowing plate? Focusing on Social Emotional Learning in

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Your students will love these fun and engaging February activities for the classroom

Fun February Activities for Your Classroom

February is the sweetest month of the year! You can just feel the love with all of the Valentine’s Day talk and goodies around you. I love to tap into that feeling and carry it over into the classroom. February is a great time to teach all about friendships and

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Teaching fables is a great way to dive into story elements, reading comprehension skills and more.

The Best Reasons to Teach Fables in Your Classroom

Once upon a time, teachers discovered the power of fables in their classrooms. But as technology advanced and children’s books began to grace every shelf, this long-time tradition started to die out, and the reasons to teach fables were lost. They were replaced with YouTube videos and catchy rhyming pages

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These engaging January activities for the classroom are the perfect way to engage your students with the themes and holidays of the month.

3 January Activities Your Students Will Love

It’s the beginning of a new year! The perfect time to start fresh both in and out of the classroom. I don’t know about you, but I love to incorporate holiday and seasonal activities into my schedule. It makes everything so much more exciting and helps out engagement tremendously! These

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