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Self-reflection is one of the most powerful practices to improve teaching. When you practice self-reflection regularly, it will completely transform your classroom and instruction.  Furthermore, self-reflection can take you from being a good teacher to being a great teacher. Are you ready to begin the transformation? The old me –

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How to Teach Analogies to Elementary Students

Why should we teach analogies? An analogy is simply a comparison of two things that are usually thought of as being different, but are similar in some way.  They are written in a specific format such as  apple : fruit :: carrot : vegetable.  It reads: apple is to fruit

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Self Checking Phonics Games: Slip It and Flip Its

  What are Slip It and Flip It self checking phonics games? Slip it and Flip Its are fun, engaging, hands-on self correcting games. They provide independent practice designed to purposefully and meaningfully reinforce skills and concepts taught in the classroom. Because they are self correcting, students receive immediate feedback.

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Flip That Flop! Turning Mistakes Into Opportunities

The Importance of Mistakes  “Mistakes are GOOD!”  The first time I said that to a class of second graders, they looked at me like I was crazy.  They were incredulous.  “You mean you actually want us to make mistakes?” they asked in disbelief.   Yes I do!  The truth is, mistakes are

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Are you obsessed with fonts? Do you hate making classroom materials on your school computer because you can’t install all those fabulous fonts you find on Teachers Pay Teachers and other websites? Do you have cute fonts on your home computer, so you make everything at home instead of school?  Despair no

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Use these fun and engaging Miss Rumphius activities to celebrate Earth Day with your students this year.

The Best Way to Celebrate Earth Day

April is one of my favorite months of the year! The weather is beautiful and summer is near. Plus, there’s so much to celebrate. The school year is winding down, and our time with our students is limited. It’s time to have a little fun and celebrate all that you’ve

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