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The Crayon Man Activity for National Crayon Day

Everyone loves crayons! Kids and adults alike.  I remember as a little child getting my box of 64 counts Crayola crayons. I was so excited when they added a crayon sharpener on the front of the box. There’s just something about a brand-new box of crayons that brings a smile

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Teaching Students to Write and Punctuate Dialogue

I love that my students love to write! They are so creative and come up with some of the best story plots with all the right elements. But there’s just one thing… They tend to overuse the word said when writing dialogue. I often get multiple stories with “he said”,

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Teaching Activities for Women’s History Month

In the past 100 years, women have paved the way and earned the right to vote. Women have made great contributions to society. We can all agree that this is huge and so encouraging for every female. We typically honor women in March.  And yes, we should be highlighting in

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How to Reach Unreachable Students

  I’m sure there has been a time during your teaching career, (and if not, hang on there probably will be) that you’ve encountered an unreachable student in the class. But what is an unreachable student, and how can they be identified? An unreachable student is one who does not

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Learning About Lesser-Known Figures in Black History Month

February is Black History Month. It’s the perfect opportunity to discuss the Civil Rights movement with students and the impact that Black History has left on America. But what if we approached teaching it a different way? Most students are educated on the legacies left behind by those such as

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Winter is Snow Much fun

  Walking in A Winter Wonderland (of possibilities) Hey, Y’all! Winter is FINALLY here! Well, Winter for the south at least. When we moved to Montgomery, Alabama from Florida in my 4th-grade year, I saw light snow flurries a couple of times, but it wasn’t until my junior year in

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Teach Your Students How to Write a Scary Story

You’re terrified. Your heart is pounding, and your chest feels like it’s going to EXPLODE!  You breathe faster and faster as sweat drips from your shaking hands. Are you going to die?  NO.  You’re just listening to a SCARY STORY. Being scared is exciting, right?  If it wasn’t, why would

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Distance Learning combined with Passion Projects provides your students with an independent study they will love and be motivated to complete. During this time when you are scrambling to find engaging activities for your students, I recommend using Passion Projects.  They spice up your lessons and meet both the academic

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