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It’s Snow Much Fun To Make Crystal Snowflakes!

    Hello everyone!  I’m linking up with some of my blogging buddies for a Snow Much Fun Blog Hop, so I thought I’d do a post about snowflakes.  What can be more fun than snowflakes? I love teaching about anything having to do with snow.  I guess part of

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Using Humor in the Classroom to Keep Students Engaged

    Everyone loves a good laugh, and your students are no exception. According to Mary Kay Morrison, author of Using Humor to Maximize Learning, laughter lights up more of the brain than many other functions in a classroom. So, what can laughter do for your students?  In a study,

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How To Make A Gift Bag Book

I have been making gift bag books with my students for years.  They are so easy and so much fun to make.  I thought since the holiday season is upon us, this would be a great time to share some ideas for gift bag books in your classroom.  I love

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Perfect Square is a Perfect Book to Introduce Geometry

   Recently I bought the book perfect square by Michael Hall.  It is the story of a square who was perfectly happy, but throughout the week things start happening to him – he is shattered, crumpled, torn, etc., but each time the square turns lemons into lemonade and transforms himself into

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Free Money Logic Puzzles

Just a quick post!  I thought I would share a fun freebie with you today!  This is a group of money logic puzzles geared toward 2nd and 3rd grade.  Children love puzzles and these money logic puzzles are fun!  They provide opportunities for students to develop skills in logical thinking,

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A Blast From the Past – Old Classroom Photos

I’ve been out of the classroom for 5 years now, and sometimes it makes me a little sad.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love being a gifted coordinator, but sometimes I miss interacting with the students and fixing up a classroom.  Today I was looking at old pictures of when

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Get Your Students Doodling!

  Do you doodle? I do! I’m bad about sitting in a meeting and doodling all over my notes. But apparently, I’m not alone. There have been some really famous doodlers like John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Gates. I am happy to have something in common

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KenKen – Great Math Puzzles to Challenge Your Students!

I have discovered an absolutely wonderful website called KenKen.  People say KenKens are like Suduko puzzles on steroids.  So exactly what is a KenKen?  It’s a numerical puzzle that uses the four basic math operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication,  and division.  The puzzle is laid out on a grid ranging

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Biographies Will Keep Your Students Thinking!

I love to incorporate biographies into lessons! It seems that no matter what unit the students are studying, there’s a great biography to go with it. Why is it so important to teach biographies? you might ask. For one thing, it teaches a little something about the history of a

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A Fun Activity to Describe Characters

Are you looking for a fun way to teach describing characters and character traits?  Try this!  Fold each side of a horizontal sheet of paper to the middle.  Have the kids draw a picture of the character on the front.  Put words to describe the outward appearance of the character on the

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