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Self Checking Phonics Games: Slip It and Flip Its


What are Slip It and Flip It self checking phonics games?

Slip it and Flip Its are fun, engaging, hands-on self correcting games. They provide independent practice designed to purposefully and meaningfully reinforce skills and concepts taught in the classroom. Because they are self correcting, students receive immediate feedback. Watch the quick video below to see one in action.

slip it and flip it cvc game freebie

How do you make the games?

Each set of my self-checking phonics games focuses on a particular skill and has a specific theme. You will have 15-17 individual games in each product. There are several types of games in each product; therefore you will find it easy to differentiate for your students. Each game in a set follows a theme, but has a different picture. For example, the Magic E words set has a fantasy theme, and the completed pictures are a dragon, a knight, a princess, a castle, etc. Color coding keeps the game cards organized.

These  games are very easy to make.  All the Slip It and Flip It games use a master game case.  I usually make about 3-4 game cases so a number of students can play the games at the same time.  The Master Game Case is just a vinyl 3 prong holder with two baseball card holders inside.  I bought my baseball card holders from Amazon.  They are the pages that hold 9 cards per page. 

First, you will print out 3 pages for each game. – 1 page of the numbered cards which go in the bottom baseball card holder. Print the question cards one one piece of card stock front to back with the questions on the front and the picture on the back.  Just print, laminate, and cut them out!  Finally, I also have a page with a cover for the envelope to hold all the materials for the games along with an instruction page for each game.

How do You Play these self checking phonics games?

All my self-checking phonics games are played the same way. Students match a card in the top baseball card holder to a card in the bottom baseball card holder and then flip the top holder to reveal a picture.  

Why you need these self correcting phonics games in your classroom

First, I don’t know about you, but I personally hate making copies of worksheets that students can complete in a few minutes and then I have to grade them! Slip It and Flip It games are a great alternative to worksheets. No more making copies! Each set has 15-17 different games; therefore, you have so you have plenty of opportunities for students to practice the skills. Students can play these games in centers, small group, and during language arts rotations. They are great for early finishers, RTI instruction, and for English language learners.

Next, keeping students engaged and on task while working with a small group is one of a teacher’s greatest struggles. Slip It and Flip Its solve that problem for you! These games will keep your students totally engaged. They will get so excited when they flip the page to see the picture! Because these games are self correcting, your students don’t interrupt during small group time.

Also, these games create a “risk-free” environment to practice skills  already introduced through instruction. When your kiddos flip the page to reveal the picture, they immediately note any errors and correct them without worrying about anyone else seeing them. This is especially important for struggling students and English Language Learners.

Finally, these games are differentiated and aligned to the Common Core Standards. Each set of games provides different levels and types of questions thereby meeting the needs of the varying levels of the students in your classroom.

How can I get Slip It and Flip It games?

If there are any games you would like to see added, or questions you might have about the games, be sure to email me!

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